Rubicon Young Professionals
                Intern and Apprentice Program


The Rubicon Young Professionals Intern and Apprentice Program offers a rich and challenging experience for qualified high school, college students, graduates and young professionals who are actively pursuing careers in professional theater. An internship/apprenticeship is a great way to prepare oneself for the future with on-the-job training in a highly skilled career.

Rubicon is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) professional theatre company with around 15 full-time employees and 5 part-time employees on its staff. Throughout the year there are opportunities for students to learn the craft of theatre in various areas of study including production (costuming, sound, lighting, scenic design and prop design), stage management, directing, producing, theatre administration, theatre education, development, marketing, publicity and sales.

Interns and apprentices are trained by theatre professionals who share their skills and knowledge in order to help the aspiring theatre artist become an expert too.

In addition to hands-on training under the supervision of a theatre professional, an apprentice receives training through workshops and classes to make sure they master all aspects of the job.



·         Complimentary tickets to Rubicon productions

·         Tickets to opening night gala performances.

·         A small stipend or community service credit.

·         College credit, as arranged with your individual college or university.


·         Possess the knowledge and skills required to work successfully in a specific department of the theater.

·         Be socially mature and self-confident.

·         Be able to take direction and criticism well.

·         Be able to digest new information quickly and apply it productively.

·         Be consistent and dependable in their work habits.

·         Have good communication skills.

·         Enjoy multi-tasking and creative problem-solving.

·         Work comfortably and effectively in a highly collaborative environment.

·         A basic knowledge of computers is essential.


HOW TO APPLY                                                                         Download the Application


Please download and fill out the RYP Application. You can mail or email your application along with a photo, resume and cover letter explaining why you would like to work as a Rubicon Young Professional. Applications must be complete to be considered. Mailing address: Rubicon Theatre Company, Att: Rubicon Young Professionals 1006 East Main Street, Ventura CA 93001 or you an email your application to







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