Rubicon Theatre Company
in association with the Law Offices of Richard L. Francis and Associates
and Lee and Linda Rosenberg
presents a 24th Street Theatre production of


written and directed by Aristides Vargas

October 17~November 11, 2012 

produced with Mexico’s Instituto de Cultura de Baja California, and La Universidad Autonoma de Sinaloa.

Soaringly beautiful and surprisingly humorous, La Razón Blindada is an internationally acclaimed drama by playwright Arístides Vargas. The plot infuses Miguel de Cervantes’ classic novel “El Quijote” and Franz Kafka’s “The Truth about Sancho Panza” with testimonies by Vargas’ brother Chicho and others held in solitary confinement during Argentina’s dictatorship. Two political prisoners, isolated and oppressed, are brought into a common area for one hour one each Sunday. As their circumstances begin to unravel and reason fades, they find solace in storytelling, assuming the personas and embracing the passions, pleasures and problems of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza. A Critic’s Pick in the L.A. Times, Critic’s Choice in Backstage West, and L.A. Weekly’s Production of the Year, La Razón Blindada is one of the most lauded plays of last year’s theatre season! Presented in Spanish with English supertitles.