music and lyrics by Paul Gordon
book by John Caird, Sam Caird and Paul Gordon
based on characters created by Charles Dickens
musical supervision/direction/orchestrations by Brad Haak
directed by John Caird and Sam Caird


December 12~December 23, 2012

Staged Reading

This Dickensian Musical Extravaganza is a modern retelling of A Christmas Carol with added characters and plot lines from Great Expectations, Little Dorrit, Bleak House and other great Dickens’ novels. Estella Scrooge, a young Wall Street tycoon and direct descendent of Ebenezer is tested beyond her wildest dreams when fate forces her to visit Pickwick, Ohio on Christmas Eve. There she meets Pip Nickleby who runs the Harthouse Hotel, a refuge for the sick, dispossessed and homeless. Part love story, part ghost story, Little Miss Scrooge attests to Dickens’ passionate belief in social reform and the overwhelming power of human kindness and generosity.