Rubicon Young Playwrights' Festival


The Rubicon Young Playwrights’ Festival (RYPF) provides aspiring high school writers with an authentic audience for their creative writing and literacy development. Guided by passion and professionalism, RYPF uses classroom workshops, one-on-one mentorships with professional playwrights, personal feedback, access to professional stage artists, and public performances to engage students in the art of theatre through the act of writing a play. Both competitive and cooperative, RYPF fosters, respects, and celebrates the voices of young writers.

Core Values

  • RYPF treats every student with respect and maturity, recognizing they have a story worth telling.
  • Passion and professionalism are the hallmarks of the Rubicon staff. We have a passion for telling student stories and will support their efforts with the best practices of our profession.
  • We believe that theatre is an important avenue for sharing the stories of our community.
  • RYPF artists are supportive. Writing a play is hard work – it’s our job to encourage students on their way and give them the courage to express their deepest feelings.


Rubicon Theatre Company aims to be a creative sanctuary where students know their stories count and are clamoring to have their stories told on our stage. Students would be pushing their parents to take them to plays at RTC because they know theatre is the place to hear important stories being told. Our audiences would listen carefully to student voices. Area schools would recognize arts education as vital. Every artist involved in RYPF would be a practicing theatre professional and our staff would be thrilled to support the artists and playwrights in an efficient, productive manner. RYPF would have the infrastructure to support however many students from throughout the state who would like to write plays.


We are currently seeking funding to reactive this program. If you are interested in lending your support please contact Brian McDonald at 805.667.2912 Ext. 234 or email him at