Tampa Bay Downs Handicapper Ticker News: At the extended 2019-2020 meeting, the frequency of bombs increased by 40% and the average odds of those bombs by 14%, so I'm going longer still at the upcoming meeting, with hopes that the trend will continue. Kevin and I continue to have some serious reservations regarding many half-hearted efforts by some of the leading pilots last season and we want to try to exploit that this year again. A dollar a day buys our exclusive Multiple Angle Trainer Profiles (and you won't see them offered anywhere else on the planet)! FREE PLAYS EVERY...
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Q. How does my new subscription work?

A. Your $100.00 subcription is for one season. If you subscribe after the season begins, your subscription price will be prorated as follows:

After January 17th (22 Race Days already passed) $75.00

After February 18th (44 Race Days already passed) $50.00

After March 22nd (66 Race Days Already Passed) $25.00 (but for $25, you’ll only get the selections, no reports or trainer profiles)

Send the appropriate full season or prorated subscription amount through your PayPal account to thetbdhandicapper@gmail.com

Any prorated subscription will not have access to the Dropbox folder (where all reports and profiles reside), they will only be emailed selections.

Q. Can I purchase Single Card Selections for today’s races?

A. No, but you can purchase the weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) for $7. Send your $7 payment via PayPal from the homepage. My selection(s) will be emailed to you upon receipt of your payment or as soon as they are finished, but no later than the morning of that day’s card. Payment’s received after 11am, may not be processed timely and may result in pro rating or be held for the following weekend. (If I don’t have a bet, I may be doing something more important that has nothing to do with racing.)

Q. Are the Trainer Profiles available separately?

A. Yes. The package of 96 Trainer Profiles is available digitally for $49.99 and comes with my 2020-2021 Real-time Trainer Profile Update Report which is emailed to you regularly. Send your $49.99 payment via PayPal ($74.99 for a hard copy my snail mail.)

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